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  • Folders, catalogues

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    folders, brochures, catalogues

    We offer:

    Sewn catalogues
    Glued catalogues
    Spiralable catalogues
    Glued-in advertising paper
    Foldable newspaper
    Sewn advertising newspaper
    Sewn catalogues

    Notebook binding is the most popular solution for printing brochures and folders with small page volume. In our sewn catalogues we use eyelet stitching (which allows you to attach them to a binder or a folder) and traditional flat staple stitching. In the offer of sewn catalogues we have many formats, A6, A6, A4, DL, 210 x 210 mm, The use of additional finishing of the cover in the form of foiling or selective UV varnish will give the printout an elegant and prestigious look.
    Glued catalogue
    Glued catalogues are digitally printed or offset printed depending on the number of glued catalogues you order. We offer two formats (A5 and A4) available in vertical and horizontal configuration. Internal pages are printed on 130g chalk paper, the cover is made of 250g chalk paper. We offer additional finishing with matt foil or gloss soft touch foil, UV varnish, 3d or gilding or embossing the cover.
    Spiralable catalogue
    Printing of spiral catalogues is carried out through digital or offset printing. The way of printing spiral catalogues depends on the number of catalogues that you order. In case of a small number of ordered catalogue pieces digital printing is used, while in case of large volumes, e.g. 300,500, 1000 pieces offset printing is used. By using two production processes, regardless of the number of ordered spiral catalogues, you can achieve optimal costs.
    Types of advertising newspapers
    In our offer you will find three types of product: folded advertisement papers, glued advertisement papers and sewn advertisement papers. We print all of them on 90g chalk gloss paper. Thanks to this substrate you will perfectly reflect your advertising idea. You can choose from three formats – A5, A4 and A3.

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