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    Plotting the foil allows for an effective and relatively cheap form of advertising or information, in the form of logos, letters and self-adhesive numbers. Plotted foils are ideal for shop windows, doors, signs, vehicles and any equipment requiring marking.
    We offer film plotting:

    • standard films (monomer, polymer, poured)
    • reflective foils
    • Frozen glass” type foils
    • polyester/silver films: gold, silver chrome
    • tarpaulin/banner films
    • translucent/cassette films
    • stained/transparent films
    • plotting of graphics printed after OPOS outline (monomeric, polymeric films, poured with or without foil laminate)

    Standard plotter cutting and contour cutting of the film, allows to make even small runs, full colour products to which they belong:

    • stickers and stickers
    • self-adhesive labels
    • 3D convex stickers and stickers
    • guarantee seals
    • stickers
    • UV stickers
    • 3D LOGO tuning stickers
    • floor stickers and stickers (floor advertising)

    In any selected shape – outline, without incurring costs: punching and punching service.

    The thermal plotter is a computer-controlled device, using a titanium resistance wire, heated up to the temperature of about 800°C. Digital control of the plotter makes the elements to be cut out with unprecedented precision. The resulting projects are very attractive visually and in terms of price.
    Appropriate hardness of the styrodurus enables punching out letters of various shapes and sizes. Both signs and letters are created to decorate buildings and offices, e.g. reception desk location markings, information, etc.

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