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    Advertising gadgets

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of advertising gadgets. We have many years of experience in the advertising gifts industry. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles PIAP. We offer thousands of products. If you are looking for something unique, write or browse one of our online catalogues.


    Voyager 2021

    gadgets , souvenirs, gifts

    Advertising Gadgets Catalogue


    Royal Design 2021

    gadgets , souvenirs, gifts

    Advertising Gadgets Catalogue


    Gifts 2021

    gadgets , souvenirs, gifts

    Catalogue Gifts


    Gadgets Catalogue

    Katalog Kubków reklamowych

    Porceline 2021

    mugs, cups, glasses

    Catalogue of mugs and cups

    galanteria skórzana

    Leather goods

    leather goods

    Wallets, cases, and lanyards



    Lanyards, laces, tags, ribbon sweats and much more!

    okładka Ivory Ceramics 2019


    Mugs, cups

    Opera Zrzut ekranu_2020-04-23_131920_data.promotray.de

    Gadgets Catalogue

    Electronics, equipment, decorations, etc.

    Our designs

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