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    Advertising panels

    By outdoor advertising we mean advertising presented on all kinds of media: boards, panels, light pylons, billboards, advertising poles, spatial graphics placed directly on buildings, fences etc. This is a very effective way to distinguish your company. The spatial effect and light illumination particularly attracts the attention of passers-by. At Polibiuro, the illuminated panels are made of solid materials, including plastics, aluminium, PVC, Plexiglass, aluminium tapes and sheets and composite panels. Light boxes are equipped with an energy-saving system of LED type modules. Low power consumption and high durability is a guarantee of financial benefits for the company and durability of the chosen form of advertising. Thanks to LED type lighting, the advertising panels produced in Polibiuro are perfectly visible 24 hours a day even in the most unfavourable weather conditions. Using modern machinery, we cut out the advertising panels with precision and accuracy and apply high quality film. We install them on our own constructions or surfaces adapted to this by the customer.

    • Advertising panels – dibond The basic difference between a classic panel and a panel made of dibond is the aesthetics of the workmanship – no visible connections between the front and the side. Dibond is a very rigid and deformation-resistant material, ideal for creating advertising panels. In Polibiuro advertising agency we use brushed or lacquered aluminium in various colours. Advertising panels made of Dibond composite panel, form a uniform body, the graphics are milled and glued plexiglass in the colour chosen by the customer. Graphics are milled shapes glued with plastic coloured in the mass. These panels can be both single-sided and double-sided. They are also made in the form of an envelope on the structure or facade.
    • Advertising panels – aluminium profile Advertising panels made of aluminium profile consist of a plexiglass or polycarbonate face, thanks to which we obtain the effect of lighting the whole front. Using graphics made of monomeric foil we glue the face. Aluminium profiles are available in different widths. Aluminium profile can remain raw or be powder coated in any RAL colour of your choice. In Polibiuro we create advertising panels from aluminium profile both single-sided and double-sided.
    • Advertising panel – with soft face (backlite) Advertising panels with soft face are otherwise a tensioning system with a front made of flexible material. Thanks to this technique we obtain lighting of the whole front as well as we avoid joints. Soft face advertising panels are usually used for large-size advertisements or on large advertising poles and facades of shopping malls. Graphics using the solvent method are printed in high resolution.
    • Advertising cassette – of a non-standard shape Using aluminium tape, advertising cassettes of a non-standard shape are created. The aluminium tape is machine bent to any shape chosen by the customer. As a front we choose a dibond type material together with an imprint. Spatial elements such as letters or signs are made of acrylic or PVC board.

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