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  • Information panels

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    Information panelsInformation panels

    Signs and information signs are an integral part of our lives. We meet them practically everywhere – in the workplace, in the shopping centre, on the street and in various institutions. We offer you double-sided, one-sided, distance hanging signs as well as standing and wall-mounted signs. For information signs made in Sosnowiec we use materials such as: milky or transparent plexiglass, engraving laminates, PVC, brushed aluminium, glass, brass and other materials which are aesthetic and ensure free reading of the contents. Information boards are used to mark office, school, hospital and catering premises as well as in companies, enterprises, offices, clinics and playgrounds. We can make any format of the board for you. We also have a wide range of visual information systems and many products necessary for marking buildings and rooms. These are ready-made systems consisting of modules – exchangeable plates, printed, glued with exchangeable inserts.


    Exhibition systems

    walls, rollups, x banners, frames, flags, lifts, exhibition stands

    walls, rollups, x banners, frames, flags, lifts, exhibition stands

    vista systems

    Vista Systems

    information, door and directional boards, presentation systems


    2 x 3

    Dry-wear boards, cork boards, showcases, stands, displays

    Our designs

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