• UV printing
  • UV printing

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    UV printing on flat materials

    What is UV printing?

    UV printing is one of the latest digital printing techniques. The technology of UV printing is basically analogous to the one known from ordinary home inkjet printers. Printheads spray micro drops of ink onto the printed material.

    On which materials can UV printing be made?

    An important advantage of UV printing is the possibility to print on many flat materials, e.g. PVC, dibond, plexiglass, mdf, cardboard and others.
    This is possible with the help of flatbed printers or hybrid printers with a ribbon that moves the materials under the UV printing head.
    Most of the materials in the role of large format printing such as films, papers, banners, nets, canvas, fabrics, skaj, etc.

    What are the advantages of UV printing?

    During the printing process no harmful odours are emitted that would endanger people. That is why printouts prepared with this method are used in commercial interiors – in offices, flats, hotels or restaurants.
    The resistance of UV printing to weather conditions makes it also used outside, e.g. in the form of signs, information boards and advertisements placed on buildings.
    UV printing technique works well in large format printing as well as on small elements, even of irregular shapes.
    Repeated printing makes it possible to perform convex printing for reading by blind people.

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